Monday, 12 May 2014

phone post

Trying to post from my phone is tricky. But here goes. I want to revive my blog after a hiatus of months? Years? And I need to transfer posts from a different blog. So this is a trial to see what I can tolerate. So far uploading pics is proving to be a chore. It will get better, I'm sure.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Photo Shoot with the Sees

We had a photo session while Aunt Keren was visiting. She and Great Gramma had spent time sewing and smocking.

The three girls got smocked dresses:

Emma's gingham smock

Anna's retro smock

Racy's Spring-time smock
Check out 'dem buttons! I knew my button tin would come in handy one day.

Because Prince Charming likes "Where's Waldo" books Aunt Keren thought it would be grand to get him and his brothers Waldo shirts and hats.She thought she'd buy material and make them but we managed to snag some red and white grownup shirts from VV Boutique which she promptly proceeded to cut up, cut out and sew back together!


Jaelsee - the newest and latest with his ready made Waldo shirt.

Brotherly Love

We never did succeed in getting a really good shot of all of them together, but you  get the idea!

Take your pick.

Thursday, 13 December 2012


I don't cheat. At least I try not to. But when it comes to cooking, I cheat. I am so lazy. I use to make my own bread. I even ground the wheat! For breakfast Bruce just wanted toast and juice. So I gave him fresh homemade whole wheat bread and fresh squeezed orange juice. Then I had kids. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Yes, that fast. Four kids in less than four years. It was all I could do to keep treading water.

Last week was Heidi's birthday. and we had planned on going out to dinner. (I had asked her what she wanted - to eat out or have a homemade Greek dinner. She said, "whatever is easiest". Ha Ha Ha Ha! Choke and splutter.) Well, we went to an Indian restaurant that Bruce and I had been eyeing since last summer. It was well worth the wait. Delish! There was even leftovers for the next day.

Then, for Heidi's cake Bruce wanted to stop at Save-on on the way home and get the family favorite. (Sort of a last birthday gift) The cake we wanted was $21! Shock. So, needless to say, we did not get it.  That left Heidi without a cake. It was a Tuxedo Cake - really good too.

The day after her birthday I took out this from the cupboard.
1st cheat.

German chocolate cake. Betty Crocker too! Wow! Right up my alley. (I use to make her recipe from scratch.)
I knew I had cream cheese (cheat 2) to make frosting and wondered if I could incorporate pecans and coconut into that and somehow make an authentic-like frosting. Hmm. No pecans. 

Cheat 3: almonds

We had those in the cupboard.

I was getting lazier by the minute...Having been to Wal Mart to pick up some mineral oil I happened to go by (read: search for) the icing. Cream cheese frosting! And it's Betty Crocker too! I think I'll try that.
Cheat 4:

So into the oven the batter goes and comes out looking like this:

Not bad. But when I turn it over it crumbles a bit. 

Not a problem because I would use it for the bottom layer. I patched it together and so really, no cheat there.

 Almost done.

Almond cream cheese frosting on a German Chocolate cake. Voila!

With Candles. Cheat 5:  2+7=27, right?

I'm so lame, but she loved it.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Best Cleaner Ever! Vinegar Dawn

I have never used a cleaner that I like as much as this one. JoAnne told me about it a couple of months ago and I have used it ever since.  In fact, I cant wait til my other cleaners run out because - yes, it is that good. I wish I had pictures of "before" and "after" but you can go on-line and see lots of them.

I cleaned my sinks, tubs, toilets, showers and counters. A week later I came back to clean my sink and it looked like it had just been cleaned!

The formula: 
1 Cup white vinegar
1 Cup blue Dawn dish soap

In a spray bottle heat the vinegar for about 40 seconds in the microwave. (This helps the dish soap to dissolve, I think)
Add the dish soap
Spray on dirty surfaces and leave for 5-10 minutes. 
Wipe clean.

I usually rinse as well.

Try it. You will never go back.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Diet Days

I'm on a diet. Again. Here's my dinner.

Tilapia and asparagus
It was really, really goood!

Friday, 9 November 2012

Hemlock Hat

I made this hat. I really like the pattern. I still do. But the hat is too big! I'm thinking of putting some elastic in the bottom - maybe a strand or two...or three. Something should be done because I really, really like it and want to wear it but it falls over my ears when I put it on.

I actually started the above hat as a blanket - the hemlock ring blanket. Wouldn't you know that as I got to the end of the skein I realized I only had one skein! This was not the yarn I had planned on using. The yarn I planned on using came from Beach Basket Gift and Yarns. I bought a few balls and kept going back for more because I loved the color so much.

Felix helping out a bit as I "swift" my yarn into a ball.

The finished ball.

Amazingly enough, the yarn matches the quilt Janet made me. 

Stack and Wack by Janet
Now to find a bedroom to redecorate!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Traveling Again

Sitting here waiting for B to finish up what he has to finish up before we can leave. Yes, we are off again. This time to see LeAnne in Regina. We thought we would make the drive one more time this year before the snows fall and make the roads impassable. We could fly, I suppose. But there are some in this family that do not like to fly. And it's not me.

We bought Nate and LeAnne a milkshake machine! After hemming and hawing on my part Bruce finally bit the bullet and bought them the machine. I was thinking of maybe a pair of socks for her birthday.

Single Spindle Commercial Drink Mixer (HMD200).

Hmm. Which would you rather have? I guess it depends on whether you're not on a diet or whether you're cold. Could you have both?

Well. B found out I was all ready to go and found some things to keep me busy until he's ready!