Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Photo Shoot with the Sees

We had a photo session while Aunt Keren was visiting. She and Great Gramma had spent time sewing and smocking.

The three girls got smocked dresses:

Emma's gingham smock

Anna's retro smock

Racy's Spring-time smock
Check out 'dem buttons! I knew my button tin would come in handy one day.

Because Prince Charming likes "Where's Waldo" books Aunt Keren thought it would be grand to get him and his brothers Waldo shirts and hats.She thought she'd buy material and make them but we managed to snag some red and white grownup shirts from VV Boutique which she promptly proceeded to cut up, cut out and sew back together!


Jaelsee - the newest and latest with his ready made Waldo shirt.

Brotherly Love

We never did succeed in getting a really good shot of all of them together, but you  get the idea!

Take your pick.

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