Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Traveling Again

Sitting here waiting for B to finish up what he has to finish up before we can leave. Yes, we are off again. This time to see LeAnne in Regina. We thought we would make the drive one more time this year before the snows fall and make the roads impassable. We could fly, I suppose. But there are some in this family that do not like to fly. And it's not me.

We bought Nate and LeAnne a milkshake machine! After hemming and hawing on my part Bruce finally bit the bullet and bought them the machine. I was thinking of maybe a pair of socks for her birthday.

Single Spindle Commercial Drink Mixer (HMD200).

Hmm. Which would you rather have? I guess it depends on whether you're not on a diet or whether you're cold. Could you have both?

Well. B found out I was all ready to go and found some things to keep me busy until he's ready!

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