Saturday, 21 January 2012

My List

The first thing I pack or even think about before I go on a trip is: What knitting project will I bring? Do I need to bring two? three? How long will I be away? Two nights? Two weeks? Do I need reading material in case my fingers get tired? Having settled that I need two projects for every night I'm away and two "How To" books and one current knitting magazine I am then ready to pack my bags for non-essentials like medication and clothes. So what if I forget a pair of shoes and have to wear my flip flops instead? Or if I forget my tennis shoes for walking (heh, heh) Or even if I have to wear a shirt two days in a row? (Won't happen. I always over pack when it comes to tops). As long as I have my therapy knitting...

I'm good to go.
BTW just looking at this yarn makes me want to knit this: mitered-baby-jacket. Oh, to have grandchildren.


  1. don't you do what GG used to do, keep a packed toiletry kit always ready to go? I sure do. makes it easy (unless I raid it between times for stuff I've run out of) Most motels supply a hair dryer and the Marriot supplies such nice cotton robes...boy, your list is out of date!

  2. Ya, I do have a small cosmetic kit for that - usually has clinique in it. More often or not I peruse my list as I pack and delete things depending on where I am going and how I'm travelling. ie. no shampoo if I'm traveling by plane and no hair dryer if I'm going to H. So really it's a master list of sorts - and something to blog about. (If you would blog, I would read it:))

  3. I just made some corn fritters for breakfast. Had some leftover copes dried corn that Tom brought back from Pennsylvania that I had stewed for nostalgia's sake...added some milk, flour and baking powder, then cooked pancake sized dollops in our handy dandy iron skillet. I'm set for the day, hopefully :)?