Thursday, 19 January 2012

I Almost Caved

My neck is cold and I gave away all my turtlenecks. Is that a good enough excuse to make a cowl? I thought so. I found this on -line - willow_cowl - and wondered if I had yarn to make it. Then I realized that I had far too many projects on the needles to even think about casting on another. So I thought I would try to get at least one project a week done from the previous post and see if my neck was still cold. After all, it should be about May before I get these projects remotely close to being finished.

Here's some progress:

I combined two patterns: the "One Day Beret" and the "Baby Pin Wheel" blanket.
I would show you her face but she was brushing her teeth. I did take a picture though - for future blackmailing. After all, she was the one who wanted me to take the picture. And I never said I wouldn't post it.

The fingerless mitts are done as well. LJ wears them and I know they keep her warm at work. It's been -7degrees C (20degrees F) here and we have snow! So anything made with 100% wool has got to keep her warm.

I've been trying to incorporate walking into my daily schedule but since I've been sick since last year I haven't been able to. The girls wanted me to walk up to the mall (about 3 km away) but I only got as far as the corner. At that point I turned and walked home. So my walk was truncated to about 1 km. So all in all I've walked about once since the turn of the year. Keren, I need you. We could walk every morning.

Here's where we parted ways.


  1. Sadly, I have become more and more aware that my moring walk is becoming imperative now. If I miss ( or play hooky ) for a few days my hips and knees are not at all happy in the morning. "Use it or lose it." is the motto here. A hot cup of sweet, creamy coffee always awaits me at home. Or a hot shower. Putting a nice reward for yourself at the end is a really good practice. As we laughed with Mom on Wednesday night;
    "Bribery is a much maligned, much under appreciated, poorly utilized, and a most effective way to give incentive to children." (to Helena, or to me )

  2. I'm glad your walk is just moring and not boring. I'm guessing Lily helps in that way. I love that quote! Is it original with Mom? I watch the C kids once in a while and that may be good to have in my repertoire (boy, did i have a time trying to find that word in the dictionary!) Have a good day!