Monday, 2 January 2012

Two For One

B and I went to Kelowna on a business trip this last summer. On our way there we had two delays.

The Cocahalla Highway is know for being dangerous with all its curvy roads and slick ice. We were stopped for about an hour because of an accident. And there was no slick ice. Once the road was clear of all the emergency vehicles, and the helicopter had flown away (it's that tiny spec in the picture) we were on our way again.
After about an hour more on the road we stopped again because the van was trying to do cartwheels down the highway! Yep, we had a flat tire. When CAA happened along and changed our tire he told us that there was a nail as well as a screw in the same tire. While we got the tire fixed the next day in Kelowna, I was able to start a new shawl I had been eyeing. With very little distraction.

No, I didn't finish it that very day. But must admit it was mindless knitting.

I was able to finish it eventually and even had it wet blocked. But somehow the edging just wasn't right. 

 It needed something.

So I added the edging that was in the pattern. I didn't really want to. I had tried it before but just didn't like it so had ripped it out and used up all the yarn on a plain ole shawl. But since I now wanted to go back and finish it properly I had to rip out a few inches and start in on the edging.

I'm really glad I did. 

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