Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Hey! I'm Up and Away!

Do you make lists before you go on a trip? Of things to pack? Of things to do before you go? Or any number of things? I sure do. If I didn't I would be lost. I.Have.To.Be.Organized. It makes me feel as if I am in control. 
I just got finished work (It's 20 minutes to 9PM) and wanted to start a new blog. I get worried that too many people are following me. It's creepy. Sort of.

Back to lists for trips. What do you put on your list? I'll share mine tomorrow or even later this week. (I even laminated it because it was getting tattered from so much use). If you share yours. Send me a link to your blog in the comments. I want to see it posted!


  1. Ok. that worked. Now to remember what I did...I think I did abunch of stuff that was redundant, In my opinion... I signed out as kerenalbertson and signed in as kerenjoy and signed in again as kerenjoy with the correct password. and then typed the squigly password the capcha thingy

  2. trying one more time and documenting what I did...

  3. trying a different approach. i signed into Mom's hotmail first. lets see if it works.

  4. nope...I made sure I was on-line as gramma17-8 and I still needed to sign in to gramma hotmail proper TWICE in a row, the first time was to choose and account to sign into, then to get me to the capcha, and then the second time was to re-sign in, I guess. (we get the blogger page that says that gramma17-8@hotmail.com is not authorized to view this page) so I re-sign in as gramma17-8 and I'm sent back to the capcha...