Thursday, 20 October 2011

Aspen Yoke Pullover

I wanted to make myself a wonderful-wallaby and had the sleeves done and sitting in my knitting basket. But when I came across Meg Swansen's aspen-yoke-sweater I had second thoughts. Besides, I really didn't think the pocket in the front would be too complimentary until I had lost some weight. Even then... the jury is still out. But in the mean time I finished the Aspen Yoke using the wallaby as a guide and modifying Meg's sweater. I'm really liking round yoked sweaters and plan on making more and have found some interesting patterns. Olive is one of the prettiest I've found but I'm not sure of the yarn to use. We'll see because it's about #30 on my list of things I want to make.

Other news: I'm making great headway on my "free the needles" campaign.
Just a close-up of the latest until I give it away and then let you know what it really is.

I have a stack of books on my end table but the one I'm really interested in is the one on the bottom.

Can you believe that someone would actually sit down and spend the time to figure out how to make these socks? And then have the nerve to wear them? I must admit, they are intriguing.

And fun.

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  1. That's really pretty and I love the Olive one too! Very classy.