Saturday, 3 January 2009


I have "startitus". Now, before you get the crazy idea that I have some terrible terminal disease let me explain. It's not a physical ailment, it's more mental. But it is an ailment. Maybe it is incurable. I don't know. I'm working on the cure right now. The major symptom is this: An incessant desire to start a new project (be it knitting, in my case) without finishing previous ones. Now, does that sound too bad?

Let me tell you my reasons for this "startitus":

1. There are too many cute patterns out there. Too much temptation.

2. There are so many different kinds of yarn that one must try a skein of each.

3. There are so many projects that beg to stay on the needles because of a dilemma or problem that needs to be figured out. Left to simmer on the back burner.

4. Some huge projects do get boring.

5. Some projects are more portable and thus more suitable to working on in the grocery line. I mean, you really don't want to see me knitting away on an afghan at Safeway, do you?

6. Some projects are just too challenging for my poor tired brain and need to mellow before I tackle them again. Think: kate, the kitten .

7. There are so many women having babies that one must stop all projects in view of the upcoming arrival of the little one. Actually, this problem helps alleviate "startitus" and kills two birds with one stone, so to speak. You get to try that new ball of yarn (a baby sweater only takes two) and they usually have a deadline (ie, a baby shower).

My cure is this:

(And it sort of sounds like a new year's resolution.)

Finish two projects before starting another. Simple. Clean. Easy.

Maybe that's another symptom. Putting yourself under unnecessary pressure for no good reason at all.


  1. Ah well, I started another project Saturday and it's all your fault. Freckles' walking buddy is in need of mittens...we were waiting for you to come down and whip up a pair while you were know the rest of the story. She has been coming to pick up Lily to walk. My little girl has been so very, very sick, she hasn't been able to take her head off her pillow. Today she says she is better. I wonder. Anyway, she's off to work and to the mat in the back room. The bank is waiting for her to put something into it. So, I'm working on mittens for Sarah. They are an Elizabeth
    Zimmerman pattern, sorta. I'm using bigger needles and fatter, softer yarn. It's called Jiffy Lion Brand and has a tendency to split, pretty, though. I hope I'll get them done before Spring.

  2. Hi! :-) Finally popped onto your blog through chatty. :-) I have sew-itis I guess... over 100 yards of fabric, but no time to complete the projects I have planned for them. Very annoying. Love seeing your stuff tho... I'd like to learn to knit, just have too many sewing projects so can't take it up in good conscience. Bummer.

  3. LOL! Sounds like me! I love to start projects. I get tired of it about halfway through and start thinking about the next one! I've got plenty of unfinished knitting, sewing, crocheting, and embroidery projects that I've started and never finished. Someday! maybe!