Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Snow and More Snow

Okay I give up. The snow falling here has been incessant. It won't let up. Therefore I give up. So here are my snow pictures for the year. The news says that this will be the first year since 1971 that all of Canada will have a "White Christmas". Except for a little patch of green in Halifax where you would expect tons of snow.

The van on the right has not been driven for awhile, but the van on the left was driven yesterday - last night, actually. So the accumulation is for less than 24 hours. Bruce finally did go out and shovel that snow. You can see the broom on the hood where he left it to tend to more important parts of the driveway. He wanted me to come and help. Hah. I told him that I would when the snow stopped...

Just a view from the back porch going down to the patio:
Not going to be shoveled until the girls come back from CA.

B and I drove by the meeting room yesterday on the way to visit his mum and the parking lot has two feet, if not three feet, drifts. The entrance is totally blocked from the last snow. Last night and now there was (is) another dump. I doubt there will be meeting tonight.

A lot have gone south for the conference so who knows how many would have showed up anyway. We may have had just a handful even if the weather was good.

We took LJ and Heidi to Jacobsens' on Monday night to spend some time with Betsy before they flew out of SeaTac. The J's took them to the airport around midnight where they spent the night since their plane was to leave at 6:10 AM. They wanted to make sure that they didn't miss their flight. I heard they were going to pull an all nighter and not sleep at all. I wonder if the airport Starbucks closed down before they could get that last Venti to get them through the night. They must have done okay since I never heard from them after Emily called to see what flight they were on. She would have called if they hadn't made it.

The temperature went down to -12 degrees on the way back home.

A pair of fingerless mitts made from the GAS yarn LK brought back from Belgium last year. For her, of course. Too bad I finished them hours after she left for her trip south. I didn't think she would need them in Mexico but it ended up she drove down the coast instead of flying because her flight was cancelled on Sunday night. (Snow conditions)


  1. Did LK drive down the coast alone to catch her cruise mid way, or with others to catch conference?

    So was meeting canceled? I didn't go, but I didn't receive a call either. The roads in our neighborhood are pretty bad and there was no way the car could even get out of the garage. I took cookies to the neighbors instead.

    The fingerless gloves look so cute!

  2. We missed you at conference! But enjoyed your relatives :-)

    I wanted to share this blog if you haven't come across it before:

  3. to Chatty: Yes, LK did drive down with the other J's from Everett. And yes, meeting was cancelled. Your DH said we could have had meeting at your house!

    Thanks to the new mrs. trim for that link! I have her itty bitty baby hats book but missed the teddy bear sweater.