Wednesday, 19 November 2008

At the Driving Range and Ubiquitous Knitting

Sometimes after work Bruce and I go to the driving range.
No, I don't hit golf balls. But I usually grab a cup of coffee and a sweet treat. (I know, I really shouldn't. Starting tomorrow.)
So there I sit.
I can wait. I can wait for anybody. And I can wait for a long time.
But only if I have my knitting with me.

Now, to find someone to fit this...


  1. This is one of my favorite patterns. Is this to be a little dress or will you pick up stitches and finish off with a ripple at the bottom of the sleeve?

  2. It's a little dress and one sleeve is done. The second is just about done. No ripple on the sleeves.

  3. Is that purple for February? You are ahead. I am so far behind I gave up.

  4. You are, in fact, the best wait-er I know! Dad is the worst, easily.

  5. Wow, that little dress is beautiful! Your talents and patience are good examples to me. Thanks!

  6. Well, there always seems to be a baby on the way around Richmond so I'm sure there will be someone...I'm not pregnant if that is what you are thinking. Lord willing, someday.