Monday, 27 October 2008

More Pictures of Our 2nd Trip East

Just pictures (mostly). No time to write and/or think. Be forewarned. My last post was so long I thought I would quit before an epic novel was written. Not that any of it was made up--more like a coffee table book--oversized. Jered at the sing. His sister Bethany behind him.

Before the sing began. (I think Will is tying his shoe--or something)
Jennie H. and Joann B. at the conference Jan B, Phil and Pam B.

Abby and JoAnne
(Another three year old) Hannah

Willy and Wally
Some of the young people

More Cottage Pictures:

The path to the girls' dockMore of the path to the girls' dock. (It was a long way from the cottage.)

The girls' dock (to the right of the cottage)

The back porch--where we spent our time on rainy days at the cottage.

Three of Gordon and Pearl's guests of the past:

More beautiful colors of the Eastern Fall

Outside the rest home where Jan's father lives

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