Monday, 8 September 2008

Do Not Leave Home Without It

By that I mean "knowing how to connect to the internet while in a Starbucks while you are away from home"! Bruce just asked me if I'm on yet. Yes, but it took me an hour and I JUST GOT ON. Whew. Now that our trip is just about over I can go to any Starbucks and get on-line and use their connection for two hours for free. (I wonder if my first hour trying to log on counts? They kept saying I was logged on to AT&T but I just couldn't get on-line.)Well, I guess it will be a short work day today.

We came from Scranton/Montrose Conference this AM. It was great! Not as small as I thought it would be and I knew a lot more people than I knew in St. John. It was good to see so many familiar faces and make connections with new ones.

We're going back to Vestal tonight for dinner at Mark and Marion's and then meeting Then we leave from there to go home on Tuesday. I'll have pics by then. You'll see a lot that you know.


  1. Sorry I didn't know you were going to come down to the friend, Eleanor. Remember we stayed overnight with her when she lived in Pennsylvania? Now she is in a Retirement home in Portland Maine. Her son, Scott, is the home's manager so it is convenient to have family close by. The wedding was very nice..Bill spoke on submission and honour. I'm sure a lot of us tooke the message to heart. Your family misses you. We had dinner with Jonathan and Joy and Miriam Saturday night at McCormick and Schmidt. MMM wonderful seafood. Of course Gabe and Debbie have Hannah and Judah.

  2. We're missing you! Hope you're having a nice time. :) All Day Meeting went well, and we had three guests. Peter U and the two J girls with cool accents. :)

  3. So you did get to register your card? Good. Now go buy a card with $5 on it and register that one too so you can have 4 free hours. I think you can register up to 3 cards so conceivably you can get 6 free hours of internet time...

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