Friday, 16 May 2008

"Spicy" Quesadillas

Long ago I use to babysit Bren. She would stay for dinner and I would give her my favorite treat to eat.
I thought I was giving her mild taco sauce, but from her reation you would have thought I was giving her habanero!
This, from a California girl who should have been enjoying the hottest of hot chili peppers by then.
Perhaps her heritage (pot roast and potatoes) and the fact that her dad had ulcers prevented her from enjoying or even tasting such delicacies!

Then again, she was only six.


  1. hahah! Well, NOW I love the hot stuff! The hotter the better!

    I think I was a bit (!) of a drama queen back then. Sort of like I am now.

  2. I love that green salsa, thanks for introducing it to me! Yum!