Monday, 31 March 2008

Aquamarine is for March

Aquamarine is such a pretty stone. It so much reminds me of the ocean and because of that, my childhood. The browny sand and the blue, blue sea. I've often lived by the ocean. Seven and a half years in Hawaii. Four years in Japan. Even when we lived in Maryland for a year and a half we took time to go to the ocean--Rahobath Beach, the Chesapeake Bay. While visiting Gramma in Pennsylvania on vacations I remember going to the Boardwalk by the Jersey shores. Perhaps these socks reflect those colors a little.

These socks are certainly ubiquitious! They have been with me since my very first post back in 2006.

There's a reason for that. Even though they look like they would be fun to knit, I'm not so smart to figure things out.
I've had a real bear of a time with these socks. I put them down for awhile and lost my way. I forgot what to do next. Then when I finally figured it out I realized I lost a stitch somewhere back about 20 rows. Have you ever "tinked" for 20 rows? Takes about two hours and makes your already bad eyes go "badder" (Thanks Jailgy, for that liberty!) Whew! I'm glad that's over. Now I'm on my way again and will try to finish these socks shortly...but not for March.


  1. Three cheers for oceans...for their calming, soothing effect, for their inspiration of mere grandeur, for their crashing and splashing on the shore. I grew up along the Chesapeake Bay. Back then I didn't appreciate seafood of any kind. I wonder now at all the crab and clams and bass I neglected. Do you remember the view from Kaminaka? From our living room corner the sixteen feet of windows showed us the panorama from Diamond Head to Kolekole Pass.

  2. I remember that view. It must be worth two fortunes by now. I even remember what we paid for the house and what we sold it for. Tell me if my memory serves me correctly. Buy: $18,000, Sell: $24,000.