Monday, 25 February 2008

Solo Day Trips

Going over the border just got easier. For me, at least. Yep, finally got that NEXUS card that helps you get over the border faster. Sometimes it's not that much faster but still minutes count when you're living in the fast lane! (Pardon the pun. It really was unintentional.) On Friday I went to Blaine by myself. No one else in the family but Bruce has the pass. Besides they were all working. Heh. One of the benefits of working from home and being your own boss (sort of).

LJ and Heidi wanted me to pick up some horse stuff they had mailed to Hagaan's mail outlet. After paying all the fees (phone calls, storage and collection) for the goods I wonder if it's even worth the trouble make the trip. It is, I've concluded. For one having the NEXUS does make it faster getting over the border. Plus I get an afternoon out by myself and when there is no pressure to get back it's very relaxing. And I get a mocha (Snickers this time) out of the deal. Not bad.

Since there was no pressure for me to get back any time soon I did a little exploring in Blaine to see what had changed since I had been there last. Such a warm sunny day-about 66 degrees F.

There's this little thing about declaring everything you are bringing back. I don't know but I suppose you get charged duty for everything you declare since it's all computerized and computers don't think to give you a break as a real live border official might when you declare things verbally. We'll see about that. It will be interesting to find out.

The line-up coming back to Canada confirmed the wisdom in getting the NEXUS. I forsee a difficulty in the future. What happens when everyone gets NEXUS and they still only have one lane?


  1. I really liked your four photos of down town Blaine! Next time you are there, call me up. :) I bet it was a relaxing time for you though, being alone and having a few spare moments to walk around, see what there is to see, and think.

  2. I definitely will! I should be crossing the border more often now that we have the nexus pass. Plus secular work is suppose to be winding down...

  3. Good news about the border crossing
    Just what is a Nexus?

    I don't know what it was that you supposedly sent me. Kedj told me about it then went off to mail your letter. We don't communicate very well in the mornings. She took her morning coffee with her, as well as her toast and yogurt.

    Anyway, many thanks for the little "thinking of you" card.

  4. If you jump through hoops (ie, go to interviews, fill out forms, pay money) at both sides of the border you can get a NEXUS card that allows you to cross with less difficulty since you're pre-approved as "not a threat". In other words you've had a background check and don't need to be questioned again at the border. Few people have it so far so the lines aren't long yet.

  5. i looked at your wallabee posts. i think you need to update them. you only have 2 kids in them and another half finished sweater.