Monday, 18 February 2008

"Purple Passion"

Amethyst for February
It might be a stretch to call the color of this yarn amethyst but it really does come close.
" Purple Passion" is not the name I gave this project. I should be so creative! When we were in So. Cal last December Chuggy, T and I went to Lazy Daisy. As I always do when I go into a yarn or book store, I grabbed all that appealed to me - books, yarn and pamphlets. Then when I had thoroughly scoped the store I sat and I went through all at my leisure and asked myself if I really need (read: want) this yarn or this book. After all that time enjoying myself in the store I sometimes only buy one skein or nothing at all. (Good thing the library has a book on "One Skein Wonders" I can justify buying one skein thinking that I can always make another pair of socks and they don't take long.) Well, T found a book that had a sweater she liked and I gladly helped her choose yarn to go with it. Plymoth's Encore in a rusty color. Well, the title of the sweater pattern she chose was "Purple Passion." Probably because the sweater had been made in purple yarn. As I drooled over her book she told me she wouldn't mind at all if I chose one of the patterns from her book to make. Not even if it was the one she was going to make. So here we are with February's amethyst project :
This is the waist in a rib knit that goes the whole way up. Cables start after about eight inches of the ribbing.
And because I like to have a pair of socks on the needles:

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