Monday, 7 January 2008

Getting Bored

I was getting mighty bored working on the on-line catalogue and thought I would clean up my photo albums a bit. Here's what I found that may or may not be of interest.

The one in europe.

"Peter, James and John": A Sunday School Favorite.

Perhaps I can finally finish these. My January 2008 project: "Jaywalker Socks". I think January is Aquamarine. Close enough then.

He works near Tom.

"Barn Shoes"

What to do with all my scrap yarn:

The unfinished hat that went to Europe with LeAnne: (finished)

Trying my hand at sepia:

An 80's sweater that I took apart: 100% wool!

Nephew antics: Aren't we clever?

My early morning "work station number one"

From our meal preparation for our last conference

One of the many kitchen helpers:

Nuts for the salad:

Cranberry Bogs near the barn:

My favorite knitting helper:

A Saturday afternoon ritual: (almost)

Gotta go get a pizza.


  1. Interesting group of photos! You should do more random posts like these more often. The purple sweater wouldn't have looked too bad if it was slim fitting and on a 20 year old. Puffed sleeves are in! Whatever that pastry is, I WANT ONE.

  2. I'm digging the "what to do with leftover yarn" idea.... I LOVE stripes!

  3. I remember when I knit a sweater for SAJ with two strands of yarn, one ivory. I started at one wrist and did K1, P1 for three inches. Then dropping one ivory strand and with an odd piece of yarn attached. when I ran out I knit three rows of garter stitch, in ivory. All the while I increased every six rows until the sleeve was wide enough, then cast on lots (don't remember how many for it depends how long you want the sweater) on both the front and the back. Kept on going across the shoulder. Then worked on half of the stitches on the needle across the front. Did the same on the back. Obviously leaving an opening for the neck. Continued down the other sleeve, decreasing appropriately and cast off after three inches of ribbing. Sew the sides and under sleeve together. more scraps and you have a warm, knock-about sweater.

  4. Gotta try that one!

  5. I thought January's birthstone was Garnet and March was Aquamarine... I could be wrong.

  6. Could be. I've got a garnet colored baby sweater started too.