Tuesday, 22 January 2008

European Yarn, SS Verses, Wallabys and Scraps

My "girl" in Europe came home Sunday night, none, the worse for wear. Thankfully, no Italians nabbed her. Her horror stories were worse than the blog let on, though. Ask her what they really went through in Barcelona...really. I guess they didn't want us to worry.

Among many other things this is what I got from Italy! Yummy yarn, unfortunately, not one of my colors. Um, I wonder whose color it is anyway? I have one "autumn" daughter and this yarn looks like it's an autumn color. And she went to Europe. If not a hat, it will end up being a scarf--for the next trip to Europe?

I'd say they have interesting names for their yarn. It's probably not a name they would get away with in the States or Canada. At least with the younger set.

Finally! Emma's wonderful wallaby is just about done. The hood, the underarm seams and the loose ends are all that are left. I think she'll still fit it. Good thing I make the small size--they are much quicker to make. If you look at the underarm you'll see six stitches on each stitch holder. That and the hood are the only "seams" that are in this sweater. If you look at it when it's done you would be hard-pressed to even find a seam. That's because it's sewn up with the "kitchener stitch"--a technique well worth learning. It appears that the sweater is actually seamless. I highly recommend learning it.

We were over at G and D's last Saturday nite and as everyone knows this is the last chance to practice your Bible verse before you say it in Sunday School.

Good thing big sister went first!

Sometimes I think the kids saying their verses is to give us adults some much needed humor.

Everyone needs some mindless knitting. I mean really mindless knitting. Not something that has twists and turns, shaping, cables and even counting. Something you can do at stoplights while driving and even in the dark. And something that uses up all those skeins and parts of skeins that you've been collecting for 25 years.
Some of my yarn I bought but most of it has been given to me. And a lot of that is scrap--left over from some long forgotten project that some gramma discarded years ago. Some I picked up at the Thrift store. Who can resist a bag of yarn for 25 cents? Especially when you're a yarnaholic. The purple in the middle is the only yarn in the afghan so far that I remember buying... I think.

This afghan is so much fun! I really like to play with color and I love stripes. This afghan is the perfect project to use up all (read: some--I have enough scraps to make 10 afghans as well as oodles of sweaters!) of my scrap yarn. Sometimes I choose the color to go next; other times I just reach into the bag and chance it.

Gotta go knit, I mean, go eat lunch.


  1. Thank you for posting the videos of the kids saying their verses! I didn't realize that you actually got PC's recorded.

  2. That video of PC is HILARIOUS!

  3. The GAS yarn is beautiful. Not so sure the name suits it! What does GAS mean in a European language?

    Those videos are so cute! PC's is great.

    The afghan looks like it is going to be really really pretty. I would love to make one like that. How do you knit something big enough to be a blanket though without having to sew several pieces together?

  4. If you knit 5 stitches per inch and want your afghan to be 50 inches wide you cast on 250 (plus 1) stitches. Knit in a border that won't curl (a mistake I made the first time). I used a seed stitch--K 1, P 1 for each row. The extra stitch that you have added on helps to make the seed stitch pattern work out. You start each row with a knit. When you have knit about an inch you stop knitting the seed stich except for the first five and last five stitches (place markers at those spots). Adding on yarn is easy. Just knit away until you run out of yarn or you want to change color. Sew in ends later.

  5. Thank you very much. I can't say that I completely 100% understand, but I have copied those and once I have yarn in my hands, maybe I will be able to figure it out easily!

    So you need needles with a really long wire in between then...

  6. judah saying his verse is hilarous!
    hannah was cute too... coralee, gas suits the yarn quite well imo.

  7. not sure what gas yarn is either...i just bought it :) annie debu suggested the store btw. apparently she knits a lot too.

  8. Yes Annie definitely does knit! She makes all these amazing sweaters for her grandkids.

  9. LOVE the videos of my niece and nephew!!! When I first watched them, I was on a computer with no sound so I really thought PC was saying his verse and I was suprised because I didn't know he was talking already. :) When I watched it with sound, it was great!!! What a cutie!!!

  10. Katz, please go to this lady's blog. I feel like such an amateur next to her. She has an amazing bargello quilt and a beautiful sock pattern. (She knits AND quilts.)