Monday, 17 December 2007

"While They're Young"

Whatever could it be to make these kids sit for close to an hour without getting off their chairs?

Listen to find out.

Four of the girls sitting in the big kids' circle are a few of the original singers. Since this tape was made about 13 years ago that makes one of them only three years old. Note: Chloe, the girl in the pink hat, is the daughter of one of the original singers.

The only disclaimer we have is that they were very young and not professional--please excuse the off-key singing. But if you want a copy of the tape let me know.

While looking for another ball to break up a fight, this very old and archaic tape was found in the meeting room closet. Our resident DJ Jonathan thought that it would be simply fabulous to play this over the PA system.

Apparently children like music, any kind of music and they flocked one by one into the main room and found chairs for the performance.


PS: LK was my guest editor today.


  1. I remember that! ugh, horrible singing! :)

  2. we should do this more often...I've been trying to think of productive - or at least different - ways of spending the time on Sunday afternoons. I think a good thing would be to practice singing or listening to hymns! And you know how it doesn't usually work getting together on weeknights for knitting? We could instead make the time after the aft mtg as our fellowship time. It would be nice if we had another couch or two (hint hint)! Or we could just put the chairs in a circle and just make it a tradition to sit around and sing/talk/knit. Anyway, sorry about the looong comment! :)