Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Life Goes On and On and On

I won't go there. My inbox has over 400 new messages. Where do they all come from? I don't have that many friends! If you have emailed me in the last day or two this is your answer. Yes, we need help with the conference food. Sign up and make your four dozen cookies. Sign up and make your cheesecakes. Come to the meeting room and help us cook. (You get free lunch!!!!). Yes, Christina is on her way here. At least that is the last I heard. Our conference starts next week and she's suppose to be here according to her blog and according to ioi. Yes, I will take care of the catered meal for Saturday night. I will be sure to tell them to give us EXTRA peppers and pickles. Yes, I did photocopy the cheesecake recipe. Last night as a matter of fact. I am slowly drowning in sea of "to do" lists. I don't even remember where I put the last one down. Maybe it's in my purse. I really should be invoicing a customer from this computer. The one at work will not let me access the internet. Someone hijacked our IP address (or something like that). Even though Telus told me that was not the word to use (I told them) I still cannot use the internet at work to invoice customers. The internet access has been down since the power went out on Monday. Telus assures us that it has nothing to do with the power outage. But they still cannot fix the problem. They said for me to fix it myself by 1. going out to BUY a modem or something. 2. I could access the internet and get a new Mac address. (Duh, how can you do that without internet access?) And 3. I could BUY a new card thingy to replace the one in my computer. Which would mean taking the computer down to London Drugs and having them do it. I asked if I could deduct all the costs from my next bill. They didn't answer. Why can't they just cancel the hijacker's service? Or just give me a new access address or whatever they call it? Why is this so difficult? The techy could not, for the life of him, figure it out. (He was the second one I talked to.) He told me that his manager would get back to me. Next week? I could work at home from this computer but our printer is not hooked up to this computer and refuses to be hooked up. Touchy. H needs to invoice her customers too and needs the printer. I figure this is all a lesson in patience. And I'm learning how not to complain. (I guess I still need lessons in that last one.)

BTW There are exactly 430 unread messages in my inbox.

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  1. I just can't believe that there are that many messages in your inbox! Oops, I think I just added another one by commenting?