Thursday, 29 November 2007

Coffee in the Window

Sorry for leaving you hanging off the cliff but for those of you who were wondering... The Internet problem was fixed. I guess I yelled loud enough. They actually had two teams working on it over night. I'm just glad it's up and running. Maybe I could send them a box of cookies. No, maybe they should send me a box of cookies!

Our conference is over and the last of the guests are (is) leaving today. It's been a long two weeks...or was it only one week? Thankfully, things went really well. It was nice to have just a two day conference this time. I thought I would miss having that third day. But I don't. I suppose it's the stress of it all that makes us tired. Just trying to make sure everything goes smoothly. And it did. They meetings were great. A lot was said about having "stuff" in our lives. And getting rid of it. The question was raised, (in essence) "Are we living in Jericho, or just passing through?" Jericho being a type of the world in all its the good life. Do I have to have the best or is mediocre just as good? Do I have to have it at all? Searching questions. So, needless to say, I have been cleaning out my closets, cupboards and pantry all week. And making progress. Somewhat.
Anyone want a puzzle?
"Coffee in the window" refers to this guy in the picture. I think it would be kind of neat to be able to relax that way. Maybe I will today. Drink some more coffee, that is. Not sit in the window.


  1. Well, the photo reminded me of Eutychus, which reminded me that I have to LISTEN to those things that we took up last weekend, and that you have reminded me of.

    Practically, Not only do we need to purge our homes of the THINGS we have collected in the past, but we need to make it a habit not to bring more things into our homes and our lives. I thought they were such practical meetings and I hope they will change my life physically with the stuff I keep around me and spiritually/mentally with what I fill my mind with.

  2. I have to have the best and I have to have complete sets so i have to have it all, too. I just hate shopping so I like to get stuff that will last so I don't have to do it again. I need to listen to those meetings. I did start cleaning out the garage and pantry last week in preparation for your meetings that I need to listen to so that I get the full impact that should keep me going until it is done.

    p.s. I like puzzles.

  3. Wow! I did clean up a bunch of stuff I'd collected over the past year. You know, recipes I want to try, pictures I want to get into frames, bank statements I need to file, how to do wrapping paper, candles, parties, plants, etc, etc. Now I've put back into my four-drawer file cabinet the gobs of miscellaneous stuff I'll NEED some day. However...I also filled up the trash can with incidentals

  4. thanks for the update on the conference kathy.....sounds wonderful. St Lois was wonderful too! I highly recommend getting the tapes. if you don't have access - let me know and i'll get them for you somehow. sounds like your life is still busy - maybe that will change a little when you get rid of stuff??? let me know
    love and prayers