Friday, 19 October 2007

Since October's birthstone is Opal I thought I would do an on-line search for some pictures of this beautiful stone. I found lots and these are just samples of the various kinds of opals there are. I was amazed at the value these stones have. I had no idea they were so expensive. This one is worth $3990.00.
Because these stones are so colorful finding a project for the month of October was fairly easy. Plus I just "love" variegated yarn. The crazier the better. Every time I go to any store that carries yarn I usually come away with at least one skein of yarn--enough to make a pair of socks or a few baby hats. More often than not it's variegated.

I'll have pics of last month's "sapphire" project as well as pics of this month's project later tonight when I upload my pictures.

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  1. Hello Knittery! You found me! I must confess to having found you long ago and having been a spy for many a month. Nice to hear from you though. By the way I think that I should get the opal socks for Oct. seeing as it is my birthstone and Chatty got the last cool pair. Ha ha just kidding, I do love to watch your monthly projects though they are so pretty. Someday I am going to have the time to learn to knit....someday!