Saturday, 20 October 2007

Sapphires and Opals

Vancouver in October:

When I think I may have a minute to post I do. You would think that Saturday mornings are perfect for sleeping in, having a lazy breakfast and just puttering around the house. Not here. Teege wakes me up last night and asks when I will wake up in the AM. I think, "What do you mean in the morning? I'm already awake and it's morning!" I "sweetly" reply, after great mental exertion, "7:15, why?" He needed someone to wake him up in the morning to go to work. What's wrong with an alarm clock? Apparently, he doesn't know how to reset it since I heard it go off at 9:22 this morning. So, do I sleep really well last night? No, because if I don't set my alarm to go off I'm always afraid I'll oversleep. And I hate alarms. I really was looking forward to sleeping in since LJ had begged off her Saturday job. She was planning on going to Richland for the Harvest Party but Gypsie got sick. Next, I try to clean a very messy house that has been the bain of my existence ever since we moved into the warehouse. So far today I've cleaned my kitchen. That doesn't include the fridge but does include the stove and all counters. (Note: the flies are gone!!)

Enough complaining. I promised pics of my projects last night but last minute plans changed that. Soon enough I'm taking LJ driving. Then she has to be at the barn to meet the vet at 12:00.
Now for the September Sapphire Projects.
These socks have been done for a while. I think they're being worn. I couldn't find the ball wrap that tells how to wash them so I would just tell the owner to wash them in cool water and air dry. (Are you listening?)

My other Sapphire project in the works: the beginnings of another wallaby. Even though the baby it's intended for is a girl, the mom can put a pink ribbon in her pigtails when they go out. After a red and then a yellow wallaby, blue had to be next to round out the color scheme of primary colors. I keep teasing her that we're going to have to move on to the secondary colors and then after that the tertiary. Maybe they'll go for a volleyball team. And I don't mean two-man.

For October I couldn't make up my mind. Both are going to be socks and I started with the black.

So far, just one sock to show even though the other is on the needles. You may wonder why I always choose socks for my monthly projects. Well, wonder no more. Socks are easy. Socks are fast. And they are fun. They are the only thing I can think of that I can make that will take me less than a month to make. For all other projects, the bets are off. They may get started. They will be worked on. But there are no promises that they will get done. And I do like success. Socks are very portable, too. And at this stage of the game (and the hectic-ness of my life) they are the one thing I can do mindlessly...and at stoplights.

And finally, a treat:


  1. Emma is even more beautiful today. Have you tried to finish the blue animal sweater yet?

  2. Hey, that is MY polka dot lap that Emma is so sweetly laid on! :)

    Yes, the socks are being worn.... I love them. Did you see this post:

  3. Nope, haven't even tried. It looks too complicated to do at stop lights.