Friday, 8 June 2007


Yesterday I said I was putting an "after thought" heel in the Cat in the Hat socks. But while lying in bed last night I realized that it was not an "after thought" heel after all. What was I thinking? With the ATH you have to actually cut the knitting right where you want to start the heel. I'm not so adventurous. I would rather rip. So I did. Out came the yarn to the heel spot and in went three needles with a 4th to knit. Maybe some other time I'll try the ATH...when my mother is around to hold my hand as I snip that one stitch. Ouch!

Now this is an after thought heel! It's a patch to go on the heel of the socks I made Kedge...after she wore them out. And I thought about it.
The thin blue yarn is knitted in with the main yarn to (hopefully) help strengthen the heel and make it last a little longer.
And then there's always the thief that is there to help out!

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  1. You are an incentive for me to get to my projects. I haven't knitted for a while, been busy writing my memoirs. Last week I did "A Pair of Chairs."