Sunday, 27 May 2007

Saturday Barbeque

A while back Doc and Bashful had a barbeque and invited us to attend. They had just set up a new trampoline and wanted to try it out. The kids had a blast and even some of the parents took a turn. Doc showed us some flips--Yikes! Everyone gasped when he nearly fell over the edge! Thankfully, Dave promised to put the safety net up for them later that week.

Poor Little Guy cried every time his dad got on the trampoline and jumped. To help him overcome his anxiety Doc took him on the trampoline. No, he didn't attempt any flips but did bounce a little while with him.
Some of us stayed inside to enjoy the peace and quiet.

Lily had enough of me taking pictures and my, "I'm only practicing!"

Note the message on the cover of the magazine. Not so subtle, is she? I finally got the hint and moved on to subjects who were a little more fun.

Check out the latest entertainment. This little guy finally figured it out but not before he attempted the one handed clap. (I wish I could figure this video thing out. I've spent too much time loading this one up to the blog. So I'm going to have to be content with just the one.)


  1. We are having our ALL DAY MEETING today. It's a gray day, just right for our June Gloom, only a few days early. So it won't be too hot. Kedg plans to make her usual scrumptious Caesar Salad and I'll probably take meat balls and sauce made with one jar of grape jelly and one little jar of chili sauce (which probably doesn't have any chili in it).

  2. My last blog has been posted for over a one comments.

  3. Little Guy is SO cute! I love the video of him clapping and the pic of him with LeAnne!