Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Conference 2007

I wanted to get these pictures up without delaying any longer. So busy. So little time. You'll have to be content with short blurbs.
Technical difficulties. We blew a fuse. Has to happen at least once. (Don't ask about the food mishap. But I will say that everything worked out fine and no one the wiser. There are tricks when you cook for 250--Sort of like "Rob Peter to pay Paul"?)
A sisters' meeting.
A happy baby. (meeting is over?)
And another one.
Time out for the kids.
A very serious talk?
Time for meetin'.
Fresh air. (It must have been over 90 degrees in the meeting room!)

Break Time!


  1. You do better than I. I'm so overwhelmed with work/moving/leases that I hardly have time to think:
    New Business License
    New Phonebook Ads
    New Invoice Stamps
    New Change of Address Cards
    New Business Cards

  2. Wow! I'm impressed at how many pictures you were able to take. You were one of the busiest people there. Thanks for sharing them!