Friday, 16 February 2007

Sorry I'm Late

I said I would post a pic of the last yarn on yesterday's post. We're super busy working on our catalogue. It's endless. So much info to put up. I told B that I was in the S's of the gemstones--pretty near the end of the alphabet, I thought. Well, guess what? There are quite a few gemstones that start with S! Also the title "Assessories" is driving me crazy! I can't go into the template or whatever to change it. We promised our programmer that we would call him with all the changes when we were done but this is too much. I'm going to call him on Monday with that one change if that's all we have. It really makes us look ignorant. Maybe I can chalk it up to Canadian/American differences in spelling?


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  2. The link for Great Super Neice No.2 needs "http//" deleted from after the http://. It should just be http://www...............

    And I love that yarn.

  3. You could pretend that the catalogue was printed in Japan? Remember their painful grammar? Mis-type it other places: "Many very bright and decorative assesories for your sunny jewel efforts!"