Tuesday, 9 January 2007

mexican dinner slideshow

We looked thrilled to be here, don't we? We really are. You see, it's just that in Canada a Mexican meal costs an arm and a leg. It tastes good but the price is a way too high. I think the mind-set is that of an upscale restuarant or that of an "experience" and thus you're charged accordingly. We're in a store on Granville Street in Vancouver and this is as authentic as it gets here in the NorthWest. This is better than we experienced in Kelona where they charged for chips and salsa, gave you white linen napkins and had candles on the table. Actually, we can't get enough of Mexican food and can't wait to get to CA again for a real treat.


  1. What? No flan? How could you be too full for flan?

  2. I finally remembered my passcode. And the ants are all gone now.