Friday, 19 January 2007

baby bug goes to "meeting" hat

When a mom wants a hat for her little one so that she'll be covered for meeting I get out my knitting needles.

I won't turn that opportunity down. So often little girls' heads get so hot with a wool cap so cotton comes in handy--winter or summer. I don't know how long this will fit or if it will even fit now but I had fun making it and adding on the fringe. You may think it doesn't go. Maybe it doesn't but it does add a little something to an otherwise plain hat. Besides, I was about ready to give up on the thing. The finished product is actually the third try.

The first, finished in no time, was too short from the brim to the crown.

The second try was too long...waaaay too long. It would have covered her ears and her eyes and her nose and her mouth. I could go on. But I ripped. And I finished. And added the burgandy. Dolly modeled it for me tonight and she smiled with glee when I showed her the mirror. She even put it on her dolly and was ready to walk away. Let's just hope BB is as happy.

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