Monday, 18 December 2006

What Can a Six-Year Old Do For Jesus?

I found this list in some papers that I was saving.

What Can You Do For Jesus?
By LJ, aged six

1. Pray
2. Obey
3. Obey Mommy and Daddy
4. Read your Bible every day
5. Be good
6. Be nice to people
7. Make people dresses
8. Help people
9. Make a house for someone
10. Put peoples' hats on for them
11. Say, "please"
12. Comb people's hair
13. Make people hats
14. Preach
15. Go to meeting
16. Make meeting rooms
17. Help at weddings (put on dresses on the maids)
18. Set up meeting chairs
19. Sing to the Lord

By LJ, July 1994

I really wish she would have put on there "Clean your room."

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  1. Clean up your room??!!!Diddent you know that thats MOMS job?