Monday, 11 December 2006

Brown Wallaby

Poor Prince D will be an old man and too big to wear this sweater by the time I finish it. It's so slow going because there is so much happening in my family's lives that pre-empts knitting time. (Hectic is one word to describe our lifestyle. I sometimes wonder who is going to be home for dinner when I'm cooking at night. I always console myself with the thought of Teegee eating at 10:30PM when he comes home even if no one else has touched the meal. As long as there are no onions. Besides that, if there's any left over someone is apt to take it to work the next day for lunch.)

Well, D will be four months old at the end of this month and this was suppose to be a shower present for a shower that was held before he was born. At least Mom knows it's coming.

post script. Yes, I finished the Wonderful Wallaby on Saturday. Mom was pleased as punch when I gave it to her yesterday. Alas, there is no picture of the finished product. I will try to get one when he wears it.

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  1. i love this yarn... you can really see in the second picture how pretty the colour is.