Monday, 27 November 2006

Snowed In!

I really, really, really like snow. For me, it's better than spending a week on the beach of Waikiki.

When we woke up yesterday morning there was at least 10 inches of snow on the roof ofTeegee's car. We live where 10cm (4 inches) was predicted but we got much more than that. It started to snow on Saturday afternoon at 2PM but it didn't look very promising; it was so faint But within 24 hours we were very well cover. We thought of attempting the drive in to meeting but decided against it. We may have made it there but it was still snowing pretty heavily and to get home may have been a problem. G and D stopped by on their way in and we made them coffee to have along with her cookies. (Sort of like a pit stop on the Pony Express.) They were debating on whether to go in or not and finally decided to go. LK went with them (carrying two blankets, just in case!) and called us on the road to let us know the roads were not as good as some had led them to believe. So we stayed home. It never let up.

Later that morning B and I both heard what we thought were the cats upstairs playing but knew it couldn't be so because they were both sleeping peacefully. We looked out the back window and noticed that the fence had been knocked down by a branch of the neighbor's huge tree. (I guess that tells you how rambunctious our cats are when they play!)
The afternoon meeting had been moved up a half hour and the gospel meeting cancelled. We were called and persuaded to go to the C house but there was no way B was going to drive! G offered to come and get us and SC brought us back (twice because B forgot his Bible case). Was I glad I wasn't driving. There are some pretty crazy people with SUV's that think they are invinsible and thus drive like there is no tomorrow. We actually saw someone spin out just turning the corner. Others were barrelling down the road as if they were the only ones there. S tried to stay as far away from other cars as possible, especially those kinds.
(My Wallaby models wearing the sweaters I made them.)
When we went to bed it was still snowing! The power went off several times in the night and there were more strange sounds. I always get up when I am rudely awakened just to see what it is that's woken me up or maybe it's just a reaction to the sudden jolt. Poor B. I'm always leaping out of bed. This time it was another branch from the neighbor's tree! Hopefully, the tree stays standing and doesn't ever fall on our house. It's probably 100 feet tall.

The "kids" are flying in to Seattle tonight and we plan to go pick them up. From what I hear the border is horrendous. It took Char hours just to get through the Nexus Lane at Peace Arch yesterday afternoon. And that's the fast lane! Maybe we should leave now. Some kind soul left this link a while back for me to check the borders and to give me peace of mind. It will certainly come in handy today.

Teegee called last night at 10:00PM. He asked me if we were in bed yet. I asked him why he wasn't in bed yet. (It's one am in NJ.) "It's the last night of the conference," he said. Pat answer. They had just been at Chelly's house and just got back to the motel. I doubt any of the kids got much sleep while they were away. It's very hard for two of them to get up early in the first place and NJ is three hours ahead of us. I had wondered if they had made it to any 9AM meetings when their bodies said 6AM. Hmmm.


  1. Glad that link works for you.

  2. 10 cm is more like 4 inches.. but I think you probably meant 20 cm, right?

  3. I think we got 30cm. knitterykate

  4. These old creaky bones like snow to look at, then come back to my cozy fireplace and knit. We're going to a birthday party at Tom and Marie's on Saturday night. So-o-o-o I'm busy on a new eyelash scarf for the lady for whom is the occasion. (Did that turn out right?)