Tuesday, 21 November 2006

A Letter

LJ has an orthodontist appointment today. H needs to go shopping for the "snow weekend" in Regina. She, (H), Tom and Leanne are going. Lj is staying with the horse.

Hi, Mom!

Send pics of the finished quilt. Better yet blog about it and post some pics! Ask SAJ to help you next time she's out. I'm sure she would be more than happy to help you out with the hitting of the wrong keys!

Keep on sending the recipes. I'm collecting them in a booklet and am brain-storming ideas about how to get them bound.

Things are not so hectic around here now that LK is working on the on-line catalogue instead of me. I just could not cram everything into every day that I wanted to get done. Things got half way done or not at all and I always felt like I was behind and always trying to catch up. Check out the web site now at this spot. It looks pretty good so far but has a long way to go.

I started some socks for "the brother" and was excited about giving them to him. When joyous found out they were part wool she told me he was allergic to wool.

Next they were for Teegee until he tried them on. Now, I think I'll finished them for H and the Regina week-end. She always appreciates what I make her.

This will be her third pair of socks. If I do make some for Teegee I guess they will have to be black and exactly like every other pair in his drawer. And I hate to work with black yarn. I can't see the stitches very well.

Got to get back to work.

Lots of love,


  1. Now that it's morning, maybe the cobwebs are swished away. The temperature has fallen about 30 degrees in the last two days. We have a fire in the fireplace. Your sox are beautiful. Do they fit under shoes or do you have to use sandles or Birgenstocks? I'm trying to finish all those projects I've started. Right now I'm working on Beck's scarf, down to an apricot sized ball. I've already cut the fringe. I don't know how else to finish the tube.

  2. It was my fault that she had so much trouble...I'd signed in as kedge, changing the prompt box to a different format, from always Gramma to the 'other or annonymous' one and didn't change it back. When she was trying to comment, she didn't notice. oops.